Cherry Picker Hire Norwich

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Cherry Picker Hire Norwich from Norfolk Tree Surgeons

If you are looking for Cherry Picker Hire in Norwich or surrounding areas Norfolk Tree Surgeons offer a Vehicle Mounted Cherry Picker Hire service at extremely competitive rates. Our Cherry Picker Hire service can be taken with or without an operator so if you have no experience using a Cherry Picker you can relax and instruct one of our experienced operators to carry out your requirements on-site.

Vehicle Mounted Cherry Picker Hire

Our Cherry Pickers are mounted on top of a road going Land Rover 4×4 vehicle and are suitable for diving on public highways so you do not need to have a tow bar or separate vehicle to tow our cherry pickers to site you simply collect the Land Rover with the Cherry Picker attached and drive to your desired location.

Being mounted on a 4×4 vehicle also makes manoeuvring your Cherry Picker much easier than the towed versions. Our 4×4 Land Rover is fully equipped with hydraulic stabilising rams and a heavy duty steel cable winch for total peace of mind.

Easy to use controls make our vehicle mounted Cherry Pickers simple to operate. The vehicle features telescopic boom, fly-boom and platform rotation all help to maximise your ability to work safely at heights. Safety interlocks prevent the Cherry Picker from being used when incorrectly set up and will not allow the vehicle to be driven while the PTO is still engaged.

The vehicle mounted Cherry Picker aerial platform from Norfolk Tree Surgeons is the UK’s number one selling Land Rover mounted access platform and is the preferred off-road access solution for most of the major utility companies in the UK.

The Land Rover’s rugged 4-wheel-drive allows it to travel confidently off-road while the hydraulic stabilisers ensure maximum stability when working at heights.

The Cherry Pickers vehicle mounted aerial platform has compact dimensions that make it ideal for jobs where space is limited while boasting an impressive outreach.

Easy to use controls give the operator accurate control when positioning the Cherry Picker platform where required and the working area has ample capacity to carry tools and other equipment. More storage is also available on the tail of the Land Rover body should you need to carry additional equipment to site.

Working Height : 14m

Working Outreach : 6.10m (20ft)

Our Cherry Pickers can be delivered to site and full instructions on how to use the machinery will be given if required.